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Tiffany is THE light they promise you at the end of the tunnel. I am no longer surviving, but thriving. I've discovered so much and more about myself that makes so much sense now than ever before. Tiffany did what no other professionals have ever done before and that was to get to know me. I've always been treated like a damn science experiment vs an actual human being with feelings and needs. She helped me express those feelings and meet my needs.

Tiffany helped me discover that I am NOT my *blank* (Anxiety, terror, nightmares, rage, celiac disease). There are explanations for how I inherited those but they will NEVER define me. She held my hand and most importantly, she believed and validated what I went through. I received tools and the help I needed to be able to rely on myself for absolutely everything. Tiffany helped me gain my life back. I frickin' love that woman with my whole heart!

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I would absolutely recommend Tiffany to others and I have! Working with her through some excruciatingly difficult issues helped me gain the self confidence and love I needed to get back to. The promise of always staying by my side/holding my hand through the process of this healing journey. Traditional approaches leave most if not all their clients hanging until the next session.

I still remember the feelings of how am I gonna get through this and now being on the other side of those moments in time.. wow. You definitely don't get this type of care in traditional therapy for sure, I'm so thankful Tiffany is on this journey with me.

Trusting the wisdom of my body (part of Tiffany's teachings) was instrumental in eliminating an individual that attempted to place stumbling blocks along my path. I'm not quite done yet but several months into her practice, I can say that addressing my inner selves and learning how to have my own back has really made a difference in healing.



I feel like a completely different person than when I started working with Tiffany. I have so much more self trust, and I know that I can make it through any situation. I have also finally come to understand how I create my own reality with my thoughts and beliefs. I love myself so much more than when we started working together. In general, I feel much more at peace and happy. I am more kind to myself and am able to appreciate myself much more.

I love how kind, patient, intuitive, and encouraging Tiffany is. She is always positive, regardless of how I feel my week has gone. She always says exactly what I need to hear, and is incredibly intuitive and good at reading where I am at and what I need to hear. She words things in a way that makes so much sense.


I was very hesitant to accept help at first, but it was absolutely the best decision I could have made. In just six months, I feel like an entirely new person - in all of the ways I could have hoped for and more. In total, I feel much more at peace/ease and more joyful. I am growing into a person I love and respect.

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I was ready for change, but didn’t know how or where to begin. Tiffany, literally landed in my lap. 


I met her on a zoom meetup where we were both guests. We exchanged numbers and the start of my new life began. I could relate to her through many similar experiences and she had the knowledge on how to move forward. She has the gift of taking my pain and hurt and turning it into opportunities, healing and growing.


I have ups and downs that are normal stressors in life and now have the tools and different options to manage them. Whoever truly wants to move into their next chapter,

Tiffany is the best!

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In 2021 I decided that it was time to take responsibility for my own mental wellness. Every week Ms. West and I engaged in sessions that identified patterns of thinking that promoted my own negative self talk and perception. Each new week I was challenged to take a deeper look.


My new skill set helped me understand the amazing power of the brain, how to identify and make room for my emotions, how to take responsibility for nurturing and caring for my inner child, and how to reset my thought patterns so that they aligned with the life I wanted to lead. With new insight and great intentionality. 


MY LIFE IS FOREVER CHANGED! Thank you Ms. West for your commitment to your field of practice!!!   

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Tiffany helped shed some light on how my chronic diet yo-yoing, low self-esteem and self-sabotage were truly deep-rooted, which is hindering my weight loss progress and keeping me from reaching my goal. We have just started to “peel back the layers,” and I’m beginning to see a change in myself. I can’t wait to see what our next 12-week sessions have in store.


I look forward to our weekly sessions, and always feel so confident and excited for the week ahead, implementing all the ideas and strategies she presents to me. She comes well prepared each week, has a wealth of knowledge, and is genuinely compassionate about wanting to help you reach your goals. If you’ve tried every other avenue trying to find “peace and balance” for your health issue, coaching with Tiffany is definitely the answer!"

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(round two!)

Signing up for a second 12-week coaching package with Tiffany was a breakthrough for me. We continued to melt down the layers, helping me to come to terms with what was “eating me.” It was truly one of the toughest things I’ve had to go through, but also the most rewarding. I feel renewed and optimistic, and truly happy and proud of myself, for the first time in forever!


Tiffany never gives up, she listens and cares and comes prepared for each and every session, tailoring it to what you need to hear and understand in order for you to make a positive change and heal. Healing from the inside-out is hard, but rewarding. I don’t look in the mirror anymore and think I’m never going to be happy with myself…Now I look in the mirror and I see beautiful.


If you want to be inspired to change yourself, you would be blessed to work with Tiffany.

Lanyce K Headshot_edited.jpg


Tiffany has helped me in so many ways. Her being in my life as my friend and life coach has changed my life, thoughts, and feelings in so many ways and how I look and feel about LIFE period.


I now know how to deal with situations with Tiffany teaching me and me learning the 7 essentials to nuture my body and sit in my feelings until they are released working from the inside out. I did not realize how many emotions I've had bottled up until I started working with Tiffany. She helped me through so much - releasing tension, hurt, and pain that I have held onto since childhood.


I've felt so much relief and am so happy I got to work with her. I am very thankful for her and her coaching style!

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Tiffany is truly amazing! She turned my life around. I now understand that I eat to live and not live to eat, food is for nourishment not comfort.


I can not thank Tiffany enough for bringing all of this to light for me. I now appreciate and enjoy the food I consume while chewing my food completely. She was meant for this job of helping others. Her voice during our conversations was very calming and she never made me feel like I could not succeed.


During our sessions she provided me with information on how to deal with my food cravings and the sadness when I failed.  Climbing back on the wagon without beating myself up is very enlighting. 


I thank her for a job well done and for being a FRIEND! 

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I started with Tiffany to really work on me and understand how my child hood trauma has correlated with raising my own family. I needed to start with me, so I can understand how it was affecting raising my own family and my own happiness. She is coaching me to be more aware, less judgmental, and to hold space for emotions even if they are unwanted.... healing at the root vs healing the now is a huge aspect to this.

Its ok to talk to yourself. Seriously. Listen to what I really need, asking the hard questions to myself on what I need now or noticing how I feel has left a big impact on how I process triggers that filter into my life. I didn't realize how much I was aligned with this her teachings already, but what she has given me is empowerment and recognition that what I am doing is exactly where I should be in life and to keep doing the work... even when its uncomfortable.

Holding space and honoring the emotions that come in, not just for me, but for my family in their struggles is one of the biggest take aways. Nurturing my inner child first and understanding her needs is also instrumental to my growth as well as my children. There are so many reasons why I hired Tiffany, but one that really resonates with me that is different from all the other approaches I have done is that I don't get lost in the "story" of my trauma, but am able to validate, and grasp the tools needed to love and support the child that went through it. It helps me not be angry and have compassion for both myself and those around me.

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“I absolutely feel different after working with Tiffany, I’ve discovered so much about myself I can write a book about. Well I did lol. But the most I discovered is putting me first, checking in on myself before I give out to others. I feel like I have grown and transformed on how I approach situations now. I don't react on how I feel. What I value the most was the connecting with myself before rushing into a session. Checking my motive and my energy before speaking. 


I was going to hire Tiffany for my sister, but I liked what she was saying concerning my sisters treatment so I decided I needed her for myself! Taking time to heal yourself is very important. We can't do this alone and Tiffany was the perfect coach me. 

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Tiffany was amazing from the first time I talked to her, she was very supportive, helped direct me and understand myself better. She is caring, thoughtful and offers a unique perspective that many others don't offer. She helped me understand the root of my stress and techniques to use to calm my brain. She helped me understand that it is okay to feel whatever I am feeling.

Tiffany helped me through an incredibly stressful time in life, especially with work, I can now take a deep breath and reassess my situation instead of just going into a panic attack and freaking out over everything. Releasing the desire to control things that I have no control over. I am calmer, less stressed out, and try different meditative techniques when my brain goes into overdrive. I am more in touch with myself overall in a more holistic way.

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I am the Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) at Natural Grocers in Monument, Colorado. While I was working as the NHC at our South Aurora, Colorado location, Tiffany spoke a couple of times and spoke on “How to Kick the Sugar Habit.”  During her talk, she addressed about ten different steps. Not only did the talk touch on nutrition but actually encompassed our whole: mind, body and spirit. Especially, she addressed the emotional attachment we have to sugar.


Our customers really appreciated Tiffany’s style and grasp of the subject material. Usually, our guest presenters talk for about an hour. Tiffany’s talk lasted a bit longer due to the attendees’ questions and interest in the subject. Customers usually are looking at their watches and ready to bolt in one hour. The attendees at Tiffany’s talk did not want to leave and stayed around to speak with her and asked even more questions. I fully recommend Tiffany as a speaker.


Coming Soon...

More success stories in the making!


Coming Soon...

More success stories in the making!

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