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Private Coaching

Phone + Video Call 

What you'll receive from my Signature 1:1 Coaching Progam

 "Own your PEACE" 

  • A series of weekly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions focused on overcoming anxiety & self doubt, and developing a deep level of self trust required to work through in any area of your life you would like to improve, master, and create lasting transformation in
  • Guided breathwork practices & meditations to set clear intentions for reaching your desired outcome. Cultivating a healthy inner environment & foundation to build a joyful life based on peace of mind vs chaotic, outdated programming that is no longer useful or supports your new direction
  • A hyper focus on your emotional health and how to use your feelings as a roadmap to your destiny 
  • Coaching around physical health & holistic nutrition. This stage is the "icing on the cake" once you've laid the foundation of doing the deeper emotional & mental healing
I've created a proven, step by step framework that I use
to get you from where you are now to where you want to be:
The C.A.L.M Method
It contains 5 simple steps that I took myself through
to regulate my nervous system and create a safe & nourishing space for
healing and transformation.
These 5 Steps will help you use the power & wisdom of your emotions
to flourish in ways you've always wanted!

CLICK HERE to connect with Tiffany. 

Learn more about her CALM Method and

how you can use it to reduce anxiety and THRIVE internally

in times of high-stress and uncertainty.

Each week you are guided through a tailored, personalized coaching experience 
specific to you and your unique journey. The normalized stress and demands of our busy lifestyles leave us feeling burnt out, scattered, and chronically overwhelmed.
This disconnects us from our authentic selves and divine purpose in life.  
* This unique framework is designed to HELP YOU remove the blocks
keeping you feeling stuck and at the mercy of your circumstances,
so you can start to feel in control of your response to things,
rather than letting your emotions control you*

Private Coaching Options:

A La Carte Services

Single Session 

5 Session Bundle 

3 Month Package

12 Weekly Sessions 

6 Month Package

24 Weekly Sessions 

12 Month Package

50 Weekly Sessions 

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Accepted forms of payment:

ACH Debit, Credit Card, Venmo/cashapp

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